Amber Teething Necklaces

Rue is teething hard core right now. She’s been teething since eight weeks so we bought her an amber teething necklace right before we moved to Nashville.

Rue's honey colored amber teething necklace

It’s supposed to have natural pain relieving powers when warmed by your body temperature and worn close to the source of the pain.

It’s said it’s the succinic, “a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammitory, and a central nervous system calmer” in the Baltic amber that makes it so magical.

I wasn’t sure it was working until I took it off of her to recharge it in the sun yesterday.

She was a cranky drooling mess! After a couple hours of trying to soothe her using all of my magical mommy powers, it dawned on me that maybe she was feeling the full force of the teething now that the necklace hadn’t been on for a while.

So I put it back on and we have a happy teething baby again!

Happy Girl!

I was skeptical so I tried it again today. I took the necklace off of her from 4-6 pm and the same exact thing happened! She was super irritable, drooling like crazy, and did not want to be put down.

Was this a perfect experiment with controls and variables? No.

Am I a doctor? No.

Do I sell amber teething necklaces and want you to buy my product? No.

I’m just a mom trying to make the day-to-day baby grind as bearable as possible. And in some small way, this helps.

If you’re considering buying one for your little one, I would give it a try. It seems to be working for us. Make sure you buy a pure Baltic amber necklace (should run you $20) and not a cheap knock off. Order it online from a place that only sells amber (like this one) or go into a crunchy mommy shop that sells cloth diapers and other eco friendly baby supplies so you can see it for yourself and pick out which one you’d like. I went to Cutie Poops & Bottoms in Orland Park for mine. Call first to make sure they have them in stock. It’s a small shop.

Supposedly the lighter in color, the better they work. I’ve talked to moms who use the darker amber for their sons and they said they didn’t even notice their babies were teething because of the necklace.

We still know when Rue’s teething because she sucks on her bottom lip and her fingers are ALWAYS in her mouth, but she rarely drools, and she fusses less with the amber on. She still sleeps through the night if she’s in her own bed, but if she’s in our bed, she’s up every couple of hours to nurse. What can I say? She likes mamma’s yummy milk!

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She wears her amber all day and night. We don’t take it off for bath time, but you certainly could. Some people take it off and wrap it around their baby’s ankle at night. We haven’t had a single problem with it being around her neck for naps and bedtime.

There’s a knot on each side of every bead so that if it does break, only one bead will fall off at a time, and I don’t even think she knows she has it on because she never touches it.

Some people say you don’t have to recharge it in the sun, some people say you do. If you feel like the amber may not be working as well as it did before, try recharging it by laying it out in the sun for an hour or two. It couldn’t hurt.

Like I said, for that couple of hours it was in the sun, she was drooling way more than usual and she was extremely cranky. I rubbed some lavender essential oil on her jawline (which usually works to at least calm her down) but that didn’t work, so I gave her a dose of baby Tylenol and that didn’t help either!

Now that her amber is back on, she’s back to being her normal smiley self!

Happy Girl!

Looks like we’ll be leaving it on until all of her teeth come in!


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