Five Month Marker

Rue is five months and talking up a storm! Auntie Peggy & Uncle Chris come to visit on Wednesday and we couldn’t be more excited for their arrival. Last time they saw Rue, she was a tiny, nearly lifeless human being that slept most of the time. Boy are they in for a treat!

LMR loves to stand, play in her bouncy chair, sit up, play with the dogs, talk, scream, and roll around.

She’s all over the place in her baby swing, so we bought her a bean bag chair and that seems to be working for now. Sitting on the floor is still her favorite thing to do. When she falls, she doesn’t even cry. She just gives me a perplexed look so I say “Yay! You fell!” Then I sit her back up, and she smiles.


She loves playing with the food we eat, but she hasn’t put anything in her mouth yet.

sticky rice

She had a sip of my smoothie a couple weeks ago, but hasn’t seemed interested in eating anything since. She’s definitely grabbing at everything in our hands though! And her favorite toys are not toys.

She’s starting to push me away when I put her in the Ergo now. I think she’s going to start crawling soon. She just doesn’t like to be in one place for very long.

We had a very eventful week. Rue went to the library for the first time on Tuesday to check out books and attend the baby story time. Oh my, we had a blast! She does this new thing now where she kind of grunts when she’s excited. She did that the entire story time. It was super cute.

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Thursday we went to Bicentennial Mall for a Halloween hike with Hike it Baby Nashville where she got to wear her cow costume. We had her pumpkin PJs on underneath in case it got too warm to be a cow.

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On Saturday, we went to the Tennessee History Fest and then a local music fest at Centennial Park. It was a beautiful day until the sun went away around 3 pm and it got chilly. We had a blast though, and Rue did so well (until we got in the car)! She really loves being out and about people watching and learning about the world around her. Everyone we met was so amazed by how curious and alert she is.

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We went to the park yesterday and she went on the swings all by herself and loved it.

She’s still quite fussy and has a few meltdowns everyday, but we’ve noticed the more active and stimulated she is, the less cranky she is. It’s hard to get out of the house during the week when I’m babysitting, but I look forward to finding more stimulating activities for her little baby brain to enjoy on the weekends!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon!

L, M, & R

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