Holidays & Happenings

The weekend before Halloween my sister in law and her boyfriend were in town for a visit. We had such a great time showing them around town and eating and drinking everything! Rue had her first taste of mashed potatoes & loved it!

Chris was so great with Rue, she really took a liking to him. She would just stare at him for minutes at a time. It was really cute. And she loves her Auntie Peggy! She didn’t cry once while she was holding her!!

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We caught lots of live music on Broadway Street Saturday night. There were tons of street performers out (Peggy busted out her hoola hoop skills with one of them!) and we really didn’t want to leave but we had to pick up Rue from the babysitter’s by 11 pm. I’m glad we did because I was hung over for two days after being out for a mere three hours!

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It feels so good to have family visit. It’s so much fun showing them our favorite spots and experiencing new things together. Peggy is a printer, so she wanted to see Printers Alley. I had no idea what it was until she told me about it! She also told me about a Christmas themed bar that has Santa serving drinks 365 days a year. We didn’t get to the Santa Bar during her visit, but we definitely will next time!

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The weather was absolutely perfect for walking around during the day, and it was cool enough to have a fire at night. Their visit came to an end too soon, and we miss them already, but I’m so glad they were able to come for such a long weekend! I hope they had a great time and that they got to do and see everything that they wanted to while they were here.

Their last night here we went out to meet them for dinner, but Rue was over tired so we didn’t stay long. Thankfully, we had a long breakfast with them Sunday morning before they left at Pancake Palace. Yes we waited in line to get in there, and it was well worth it! The sweet potato pancakes is where it’s at.

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The week of Halloween, we had a great time dressing up and going to story time at the downtown library. It’s quite a production there! We met up with Hike it Baby, Nashville for a downtown hike that ended at Rock Bottom Brewery 🙂

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Then we went to Joanna’s house for a fire and beer can chicken that night. We had a great time talking about current events, sustainability, babies, and beer. Mike & Joanna raise rabbits for food, so we’re really hoping to learn everything they know and buy a house that’s in a rural setting so we can have some chickens, goats, and pigs. Or maybe just one of each. We’ve already promised Rue a piglet, so there’s no turning back on that one.

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It was so fulfilling hanging out with fellow parents that enjoy bonfires, good food and drink. The conversation flowed so effortlessly, it was hard to leave. Marty and I stayed until midnight! Wild, I know!

Rue was being such a gem. She always is when we’re out and about. She fell asleep in the Ergo and then we transferred her to a pack and play and she slept really well. Easy peasy. No babysitter, no crying baby, no worries. I can’t wait to do it again!

We had fun at a neighbor’s Halloween party earlier in the week, but Halloween day was pretty uneventful. Rue outgrew her cow and pumpkin costumes so we threw her winter romper on her because it has bear ears.



I took all four kids trick or treating then passed out candy to the handful of kids who knocked on our door after that. I was so exhausted by the end of the day I went to bed when Rue did.

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All in all it was a great start to the holidays and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving when my sister April comes to visit, and then Christmas when we fly home to be with our extended family and friends for a week!

Check back this weekend for my ooey gooey s’more brownie recipe that uses up some of that Halloween candy!


L,M,& R