Countdown to Christmas Craft

A simple countdown to Christmas paper craft!

We busted out the Christmas decorations today and it got me thinking about how we used to make paper chains for Christmas all the time as kids. I wanted to carry on that tradition with Rue while making it our own, so I thought it would be nice to make as many chain links as there are days until Christmas. Each morning we can remove one link and count how many more days left until we get to Christmas!

Rue LOVES playing with paper, so I knew I could get her to sit still for a good ten minutes while I banged this out by giving her the scraps to hold.

This craft is super easy and would be great practice cutting, gluing, and counting for toddlers. You could let them color or paint some paper before you cut it into strips as well. Older kids can learn how to count backwards, practice writing their numbers, and work on spelling.

It’s a quick, cute, sugar free, and non-secular alternative to the advent calendar that anyone can do!

I made ours in the shape of a tree on the wall, but any shape will do. You can do the same for Hannukah, Kwanza, or Winter Solstace and just change up the colors and the shape you make when you tape the chain onto the wall!

Happy Crafting!


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