Time Capsule 12.7.14

I woke up feeling “pretty” and that doesn’t happen very often as a mom, but Ruby slept in her own room all night two nights in a row and I’ve been able to rest! It’s amazing what a couple nights of good sleep can do for your skin! (Hence, the selfie.)

I had a dream last night that I had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember who my daughter was. I have a very, very bad memory as it is so getting Alzheimer’s has always been a fear of mine.

So I figured I’d start a little “Time Capsule” series for those special little moments in life that you just want to bottle up and save for later. Like this morning.

Marty’s playing guitar, the dogs are all snug in the bed just like old times, and Rue is talking up a storm in her jump-a-roo. This past week she started putting new sounds together that she never used before!

Our life has changed a lot in the past six months. Our little family unit has grown by one tiny human being, thousands of infectious laughs, and a million baby kisses. Mommy has one more person to cook for, and Daddy has one more person to play guitar for. The boys have two more hands petting them, and we all have one more reason to smile.

Life is so good.

These moments are so precious.

I’m so thankful I have the ability to capture it all on this little time capsule of a blog just in case one day, I need to look back and remember.