Baby Friendly Restaurants in Nashville

If you have family coming to town for the holidays that you would like to grab dinner and drinks with, take a look at the list of places we’ve been to in Nashville that are baby friendly. By that, I mean they have at least one of the following things: high chairs, changing tables, or kid friendly food. All of them have fast service and a bustling atmosphere that will drown out a fussy baby unless otherwise noted.

*Places marked with an asterisk are on my list of things you have to DO/EAT/SEE when visiting Nashville. 🙂


*Acme Feed & Seed*
(Broadway Street)
Amazing enclosed & heated roof top lounge with a great view of Broadway street and the Cumberland River (doesn’t open until 5 pm this time of year). Super cute artisan souvenir shop when you walk in. Counter service. I would take a look at the menu before you go because it isn’t very kid friendly, but they do have some sides that kids would like such as mac n cheese, fries, veggies, etc.

No highchairs, or changing table, but there is an open counter in the bathroom that you can use, and is stroller friendly.

Pharmacy Burger
(East Nash)
Decent burgers and lots of local beer.

No changing table.

*Pinewood Social*
I didn’t see any highchairs, but there were a few moms with babies in strollers. Rue & I sat on a couch together and had brunch. There’s a coffee shop in the front and a bowling alley in the back so you can go here at any point in the day. Would be great to have a cocktail and bowl after lunch with kids!

No kids menu or changing table, but they have some kid friendly items on the menu like fried chicken, meat loaf, and sweet potato wedges.

Taco Mamacita
Gourmet tacos and specialty margaritas.

No kids menu or changing table, but kid friendly items like Peruvian chicken, black bean & corn salad, and sweet plantains are on the menu.

The Flipside
(12 South)
Mostly chicken dishes and some fun appetizers (IE: Tater Tot Nachos).

No high chairs or changing table. 


*Edley’s BBQ*
(12 South)
Great BBQ! Counter service. Expect crowds.

No changing table. 

*Hattie B’s*
Delicious Nashville hot chicken. Counter service.

No changing table.

*Loveless Cafe*
(Southwest of Brentwood in Nashville on Highway 100)
Homemade Southern favorites like fried chicken, brisket,ribs, etc. Expect to wait at least an hour if you get there at peak times. It was worth the wait! The old motel rooms around the cafe has been turned into charming little shops filled with art, artisan food gifts, and Nashville souvenirs so you have something to do while you wait. Great for babies who like to people watch!

Extremely family friendly place filled with kid friendly menu items, but no specific kids menu. 

Puckett’s Boat House
(Downtown Franklin)
Cute maritime themed, extremely family friendly seafood restaurant. Plenty of kid friendly food and there’s even a wine bar attached to the main restaurant!

Smokin’ Thighs
(8th Ave South)
Cute, family friendly restaurant. Great smoked chicken, but kind of a weird concept: they smoke the chicken, chop it up, and pile it on top of a piece of bread with whatever toppings and sauces you choose. So it’s an open-faced sandwich that you have to eat with a fork. The moonshine cocktails were superb!

No changing table.


Jackson’s Bistro
(Hillsboro Village)
Cozy outdoor patio that is covered & heated in the winter. Decent pub/diner food and good cocktails.

They only have two high chairs. No changing table or kids menu, but lots of kid friendly options.

Jonathan’s Grille
(Cool Springs)
Sports bar & grill. Super casual, super busy, has everything a baby and a thirsty mama would need.

Pour House
(8th Ave South)
Average pub food, good beer list, and a great bourbon list. Weekly live music.

There were lots of tables with kids here when we went, but no specific kids menu or changing table.

Rock Bottom Brewery
(Broadway Street)
Average pub food, good beer selections.

The Slider House
Mini burgers & canned beer. If you order a beer, it comes in a coozy that you get to take home with you. Nice little souvenir for visiting family.

No kids menu or changing table, but if your kid likes mini burgers and fries, you shouldn’t have a problem finding something for them on the menu.

12 South Taproom
(12 South)
Extensive local beer selection and good food.

No high chairs or changing tables. Some kid friendly items on the menu. Rue LOVES the mashed potatoes here!


(12 South)
This is a nicer, quieter restaurant that specializes in farm to table food. Great for small plates and a glass of wine. We went here for a cocktail and a really nice burger on a weekday afternoon and there was only one other table of diners. The whole staff was loving on Rue the entire time we were there, it was very sweet.

No kids menu, but I’m sure the chef can whip up something if you ask. They have an amazing stainless steel changing table. (Only a mom would geek out about something like this.)


(South Nash)
Yummy Cuban food and Latin cocktails.

No changing table or kids menu. Lots of kid friendly items like rice, beans, veggies, grilled meats, and plantains on the menu.

Peace, Love, & Pho
(8th Ave South)

New Vietnamese restaurant.

No changing table or kids menu, but what kid doesn’t like noodles?!

*Nashville Farmers’ Market*
The food court in the farmers’ market is on steroids. There’s every type of cuisine you could think of…Jamaican, Indian, Mediterranean, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Cajun, etc…there’s even a little bar inside with local beer on tap! Super family friendly, vibrant atmosphere with lots of browsing to do before and after you eat!

The bathroom across from the Jamaican restaurant is the only one with a changing table.

New York style Jewish delicatessen/diner. Expect crowds.

No specific kids menu, but full of kid friendly options. 

Paisano’s Pizzeria & Vino
(Opryland Hotel)
OK quality pizza by the slice and local bottled beer. Sit on the terrace for a nice view of the canal and waterfalls inside the hotel. Worth a trip to Opryland during Christmastime if you’re in town just to see all of the gorgeous light displays!


Aquarium Restaurant
(Opry Mills Mall)
I can’t speak for the food quality, but looks similar to what you would find at the Rainforest Cafe, but heavily focused on seafood. I ordered a glass of wine and watched the fish swim by after a long day of walking around the mall. Rue loved watching them too! Definitely a unique experience.

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