Ever feel like your pump is talking to you?!

When Rue was in the NICU, my pump always sounded like it was saying “puuuump it…puuuump it…puuuump it…”

It’s 3:30 am and I’m pumping because Rue hasn’t gotten up to nurse in a few hours. We’re working on transitioning her to her crib as gently as possible and I guess it’s starting to work because she has only been up twice tonight!

Much, much better from the 10 times she woke up last night. Literally. She needed help getting back to bed TEN times last night. I counted.

She just woke herself up and fussed for less than two minutes and fell back asleep. Usually I jump whenever she fusses, but I’m trying to be diligent in not grabbing her unless she’s crying.

She was able to get herself to fall back asleep after a couple minutes of fussing at each nap yesterday!

Since she doesn’t need boobies now, I’m pumping. This time my pump is saying, “me again…me again…me again…”


It’s like my pump knows I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I’m so glad I have this damn thing, but I despise pumping. It’s weird, time consuming, and tedious.

I could not pump, but it doesn’t take me long to get engorged, and I don’t want another clogged duct ever again in my life.

Plus, I want to keep my supply up, and I need a new freezer stash.

“me again…me again…me again…”

Ooh! I’m almost done. Blogging definitely helps pass the time while pumping!

Now if someone could just nurse me back to sleep…

Goodnight y’all!