Seven Months & Counting


Hip, hip, hooray! Rue is 7 months old today!!

Rue is getting so big! She’s breaking mamma’s back she weighs so much.

She is obsessed with trying to pull herself up on the furniture and loves to stand. She works so hard to crawl everyday. She can’t crawl just yet, but she gets around! She scoots, rolls, walks with our help, and goodness knows what else!

Can’t turn my back for a second anymore with this one.

Got myself some yummy dog food!

Got myself some yummy dog food!

Now that her first two teeth have popped out, she’s been in a much better mood lately. We haven’t had to give her teething medicine in a couple weeks. She rarely spits up anymore, is doing much better riding in the car, (she finally realized she can look out the window at all the interesting things passing by) and we’re approaching week three of her sleeping in her crib!

Last night she slept for 8 hours straight and she takes 45-60 minute naps everyday. A big improvement from her 30 minute naps she had been taking the last 6 months.

She’s an all around happy, healthy baby that brings us too much joy for words. She eats everything we eat, loves watching bigger kids play, and squeals when daddy comes home from work.

In three days, we’ll be flying to Chicago to visit family for Christmas. I can’t wait to take her on her first airplane ride and watch her love on everyone back home. She’s going to love all the stimulation and quality time with her grandparents¬†and aunts and guncles!

Life is just full of celebrations these days, but I’m especially excited to celebrate the holidays with my family this year. I’m also excited to catch up with friends, eat some good pizza, possibly see some snow, and show Rue where she was born.

It’s going to be a fun-filled week, I can hardly handle the anticipation. Guess I just have to continue celebrating my sweet little squishy butt girl until Wednesday!!!

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