Time Capsule 12.19.14

Rue has never liked cuddling. She had severe acid reflux as a newborn, and never liked to be held chest to chest. I think it put too much pressure on her tummy.

In the last couple of weeks, her acid reflux has almost disappeared entirely.

With that, she has started hugging us, and lying on our chest to love on us.

I want to burst open every time she does it. It’s just so sweet!

She woke up from her evening nap while I was still bathing so I stripped her down and brought her in the tub with me.

I guess she wasn’t ready to wake up just yet because she just lied on my chest, wrapped her arms around me, and fell back asleep.

Definitely a moment to jar up and save for later.

This tender feeling I have in my heart for this sweet little baby girl of mine is unexplainable. As I sit here listening to the sound of each tiny breath and watch it coincide with each little swell of her lungs that lifts her ever so slightly off my breast, and then back down again, I can’t help but wish we could be stuck like this forever.

But we can’t. So today I will record this in our little virtual time capsule.

Precious moment number two. Complete with a photo.

Co-bathing & sweet baby memories


L, M, & R