Cloth Diapering Part II: Our Favorite Cloth Diapers & How to Use Them

This week, we’re doing a five part series on cloth diapering! Yesterday, we discussed why we cloth diaper, and today we’re sharing info on our favorite cloth diapers and how we use them. The rest of the week, we will discuss:

-How We Store & Wash Our Diapers
-How to Fix Stinky, Stained, & Leaky Diapers
-How to Save Even More Money Cloth Diapering




We have a variety of different diapers. We use Sunbaby and  Fuzi Bunz pocket diapers , GroVia hybrid diapers (the all-in-two or AI2 diapers), Bum Genius all in one diapers (AIO), and prefolds with snappies waterproof covers.



1.) I like the Sunbaby Size 2 Pocket Diapers (with bamboo inserts) best because:

-They’re super affordable. If you bought these retail, you’re going to spend about $5.75 per diaper. For the quality, that price can’t be beat! If you’re familiar with Alva diapers, these are very similar, just a little cheaper.
-The snap closures are extremely adjustable. They fit 7-35 lb babies and have thigh snaps for those skinny new born legs.
-I’ve never had any leak issues, but I double stuff all of my Sunbabies with bamboo inserts.
-The inside layer is micro fleece and stays super soft even though I hang dry them!
-The waterproof shell is very durable and does not pill or snag at all! Even when washed with velcro diapers!!
-They don’t stain.
-They air dry really fast.
-We have lots of really cute prints so I have fun coordinating them with her outfits. 🙂

These are our go-to diapers for bloomers and swim diapers. For swimmers, just put the cover on the baby. No inserts.

I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of stuffing diapers at first, but I’m so glad I got these diapers. I just love them! If I don’t have time to stuff all the diapers at once, I just stuff them as I go. With cloth diapers, you rarely have blow outs, so I’ve never been so rushed to change a diaper that I couldn’t take a couple seconds to stuff it first.

Sunbaby diapers with the snaps adjusted to fit (from left to right) 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 6-12 months. They can adjust even more to fit up to 35 lbs.

Sunbaby diapers with the snaps adjusted to fit our baby at 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 6-12 months. They can adjust even more to fit up to 35 lbs.



2.) I like GroVia Hybrids (AKA: all-in-two diapers; AKA: AI2) because:

-They’re a slim fitting diaper so they fit really nicely under clothes.
-The insert snaps into the cover, so there’s no stuffing.
-They’re great for going out and about because the shell is reusable so all I have to pack are inserts, and the closures are velro so it’s super easy to do a quick change wherever you are.
-They’re versatile. If I don’t have GroVia inserts ready to go, I fold a newborn prefold in thirds and put that inside the liner.


No snappies needed. The GroVIa cover will hold the prefold in place.

However, I hate washing velcro diapers! They stick to themselves (wearing down the velcro pretty quick) and cause pilling like crazy. The shell of these diapers isn’t PUL like the Sunbaby diapers, so they snag a lot. I can’t even imagine what these diapers would look like if I threw them in the dryer after every wash.

The other things I don’t like about these diapers are: the inserts take a couple days to dry and become very stiff from line drying. Also, I have the most stains on these inserts. They’re 100% organic cotton and even breast milk poop can cause stains.

That being said, Daddy loves these diapers because they work exactly like disposables.

GroVia diapers with the snaps adjusted to fit (from left to right) 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 6-12 months. They can adjust even more to fit up to 35 lbs.

GroVia diapers with the snaps adjusted to fit our baby at 0-3 months, 4-6 months, 6-12 months. They can adjust even more to fit up to 35 lbs.



2.) Prefolds & covers rock because:

-They’re less bulky than pocket diapers and AIOs.
-There’s no stuffing, snapping, or folding involved. You wash your prefolds, line dry them, and stack ’em in a pile.
-The covers are reusable, so you can use one cover for every three prefolds.
-Great for newborns when they’re going through 10+ diapers a day.

The newborn size prefolds fit wonderfully on a little baby bottom. I loved them. Rue outgrew those around 4 months and the large prefolds we use now are a little big on her so I have to fold them over at the top. These diapers are amazing for potty training because they don’t pull the wetness away from the baby’s body at all so they definitely know when they are wet. That’s the one thing I don’t like about prefolds though. If you have a heavy wetter, or a baby that hates to be in a wet diaper, you have to add an additional layer of fleece or bamboo inside to help boost the absorbency.

There are tons of different ways to fold prefolds. This YouTube video shows a bunch.

We used to do the newspaper fold when she was a newborn, but now that we use the bigger diapers, we do the jelly roll so that the diaper gets nice and snug around her thighs.


Bum Genius all-in-ones (AIOs) are amazing because two inserts are already sewn in so there’s no stuffing needed! They have snap closures which is awesome, but they don’t have those thigh snaps, or as many cute prints, and they take a couple days to line dry. Plus, they’re expensive. They run about $20/diaper. If you can find a good quality resale stash, I would say go for it! I only have two of these, but if I had more, I would use them more frequently because they really are great diapers.

I don’t care for FuzziBunz.Their “One Size” diapers are quite small and I just don’t like the design of them. The elastic is flimsy and the insert is hard to get in because the inside lining of the pocket is made of some wacky sticky material that catches onto the microfiber. I only own one of these. Thank goodness for that!

So that’s it for the types of diapers we use and how we use them. Check back tomorrow for info on what to do with the poop!


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