Cloth Diapering Part V: Money Saving Tips & Other Tricks

Happy Sunday everyone, and thanks for following our discussion on cloth diapers this week! Today I’m just going to share with you a few:

1.) Make your own cloth wipes & wipe solution spray.
2.) Try elimination communication. It’s working wonders for us! We change fewer diapers and do less laundry.
3.) Buy used diapers and re-sell them when you’re done with them.
4.) Take good care of your velcro so it doesn’t need to be replaced. Thanks for the tip Amy!
5.) Turn old receiving blankets into cloth diapers.

1.) Baby wipes are expensive. No doubt. I’ve tried those homemade wipes recipes using paper towels, but even the “best quality” paper towels don’t hold up to the liquid called for in the recipe. They’re flimsy and hard to use. Plus, they’re not eco or budget friendly.

Cloth wipes are a great alternative. They’re safer on baby’s bottom and very good for the earth. However, I would recommend you buy enough to get through at least a week of diapering, and that can be expensive.

We’ve saved a lot of money by making our own. I got a lot of receiving blankets handed down to me when Rue was born. I cut up 10 of them, giving me 160 wipes. I use these for absolutely everything. I LOVE using these for diaper changes because they go right in the laundry pail with the diapers. They’re also great for wiping spit up, runny noses food, spills, etc.

I even have a stack of homemade cloth wipes in the bathroom that I use when I go #1. Once soiled, I pop them in a stainless steel garbage can I have right next to the toilet.

Since we don’t use any toxic cleaners, I use these in place of Clorox wipes. I just spray my homemade all purpose cleaner and wipe up. I have two wipes that I cut extra long and use in place of the disposable Swiffer Sweeper refills. These things are all purpose!


If you use cloth wipes, you’re going to need a cloth wipe solution to go with it. You can either spray the baby’s bottom and wipe with a dry cloth, or spray the cloth, then wipe.

2.) I’m going to do a full post on elimination communication soon, but in the meantime I’ll say, this has been one of the easiest things I’ve ever done with Rue. For some reason, she loves sitting on her potty chair. And I love not scraping poop from her diapers. We save money on utilities and supplies because we use fever diapers and wipes. Poop is actually quite easy to clean when it’s not smeared all over your butt cheeks. Check back soon for more on this.

Rue's first time on the potty! She loved it!

Rue’s first time on the potty! She loved it!

3.) Take good care of your diapers and re-sell them when you’re done using them so you can make some money back. There are some really great cloth diapering pages on Facebook you can join to ask questions about caring for your diapers, and even places to buy, sell, and trade them! Such as:

Cloth Diapering Families of Middle TN
Cloth Diaper Chicago Chatter
Cloth Diaper Swap
Cloth Diaper Chat

4.) Our friend Amy says she uses a lot of velcro diapers for daycare and has a great tip to share with us about extending the life of our velcro closures:

“If you buy a roll of separate velcro, cut in squares and use those as the laundry tabs instead of the ones sewn on, they don’t tangle as badly, and don’t curl as badly, making it last longer. I just keep a sack of squares by my diaper pail.”

Thanks Amy!

5.) Who knew receiving blankets could be so useful?! Watch this video on how to use receiving blankets as cloth diapers and start saving even more money!

Talk about resourceful!!


1.) Try line drying velcro diapers & covers like this to save space on your rack.


2.) Hang stacks of 10 cloth wipes together on your octopus hanger so they’re ready to stack on your diaper station once dry.


3.) These wire racks are great for storing spray bottles!


4.) Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of your laundry basket to help curb stink and/or use this homemade tea tree spray to freshen up your diaper pail.

5.) Fold a newborn prefold in threes and put it seam side down inside a GroVia hybrid cover if you run out of clean GroVia inserts.


6.) If you need to use powder, fold one of your cloth wipes in half, and put that down on the diaper first so the powder doesn’t touch the diaper and create buildup issues.


8.) If you don’t have fractionated coconut oil, use vitamin E oil for your diaper spray solution. If you don’t have Dr. Bronner’s, you can just use whatever baby soap/shampoo you use. Some people just use a spray bottle of water. I like knowing my daughter’s getting clean when I wipe her, and the fractionated coconut oil glides on the skin like an absolute dream. I can’t say enough good things about the stuff!

c=cup; T=tablespoon

c=cup; T=tablespoon

Thanks so much for following us this week! I hope some of these tips and tricks are helpful to you in some way! Happy Superbowl Sunday!!


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