Babywearing Mom Hack

Neck broke, tooth brush in hand.

Neck broke, tooth brush in hand.

If your baby gets “neck broke” (thanks Laura A. for the hyperbole), just snap on the hood! This holds their head in nice and close to your body if they fall asleep in the back carry. 

Asleep on Daddy's back at 4 months

Asleep on Daddy’s back at 4 months

At 5 months old, Rue got too long for the Ergo carrier to hold her head up in the back carry. I always thought the hood was just for sheltering baby from sun or wind. I learned this trick from a fellow mama while hiking with the Nashville Hike it Baby group. So for all the first time mamas out there or those who are new to babywearing, here you go!

Mom Hack #1: How to Fix a “Neck Broke” Baby in the Ergo Back Carry

Snap the hood!

Snap the hood!

Haven’t tried a back carry yet? This is how we do it:

Happy babywearing!!


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  1. Another idea….get on Onya Baby carrier! They ride up much higher and take care of that problem without need for a Hack. Sign up for the March Challenge on our website and you can get a special discount code for $99 for a limited time!

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