Our First Winter in Nashville 

Last summer we decided to move to Nashville. One of the reasons we wanted to move south was the warmer climate. Before we moved, I talked to as many people as I could to find out just how cold it gets down here in the winter, but no one could really tell me what to expect. All I could find out was that it gets “cold”.

But cold by who’s standards? I needed to know from a fellow Yankee just how cold it got. Does it drop down to the thirties? Twenties? Below zero? How long does it stay cold? Should I pack my snow boots and scraper for the car or leave them in Chicago?


1.) It gets chilly.
It may drop down to the 30s or lower come January and February, but there’s plenty of 50 and 60 degree days in those months as well. On average, the temperature in the winter months here this year hovered around 40 degrees.

2.) It snows a lot, lot less here.
It only snowed a handful of times this winter and most were just flurries that didn’t stick. If the snow did stick, it melted by the afternoon. We did have a couple decent snows (mid February and early March), but the most we got was about 4 inches. It melted two days later.

3.) You won’t get cabin fever or pack on extra pounds due to inactivity.
There’s plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. Temperatures were so mild, we were able to hike, go on outdoor play dates, and play at the park quite a bit this winter. The school aged kids I babysit almost always played outside after school. I can remember telling them it was too cold for outdoor play twice. Up until mid January, I had to turn down the heat in the house because the sun warmed the house to 75 degrees come midday.

4.) It’s April 1st and I’m in a bathing suit.
Two weeks after we got a few inches of snow, we were outside gardening, building patio furniture, and playing in the water in 70 degree weather. I’ve got a decent tan and we’ve spent the last three days playing in the pool.

All in all, this winter kind of felt like a late northern fall to me. I didn’t leave the house with more than a sweater on. Occasionally, I needed to put on a hat and a scarf. All of the winter coats Rue got as gifts still have the tags on them.

There was a really cold week in January and then another in February where this terribly insulated house just could not stay warm so we had to put down an electric blanket for Rue to play on the floor. Other that that, this has been the mildest, most enjoyable winter I’ve ever experienced in my life.

So for fellow northerners out there wondering what winters are like in Nashville, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Snow boots and car scrapers probably won’t get used. However, the weather is fickle here so who knows. Next winter could bring a lot more snow and colder temps.


L, M, & R