Rainy Day Mom Hack


Rainy days can be a drag. It’s so nice to be able to break up the day by going outside. Especially with Rue. She loves playing outside so much that she barely even notices we exist once we leave the house.

We’ve been getting a lot of rain here in Nashville lately, so I came up with a few indoor sensory play activities using materials I already had on hand at home.

I brought our kiddie pool indoors and filled it with 200 pit balls that I found on clearance at the store. We added small toys and bigger balls for a sensory game of “Eye Spy” and dolls to make it a pool party!


I’ve been holding onto this bottle of baby oil someone gave us over a year ago, trying to figure out what to do with it. So I mixed it with corn starch until it started forming pea sized lumps and made a sand box for Rue to play in. She was so in awe of scooping and raking that we didn’t add any other toys, but this stuff will hold it’s shape. So if you have castle molds, that would be a lot of fun!


You know you’ve got the right consistency when you can form balls with the sand.


Lastly, we filled the tub with purple water and blew bubbles in the bathroom. I added all the purple toys I could find and some lavender essential oil and we talked about all the purple things we could think of.



It was a great way to bring the outside in and Rue’s two new favorite words are “ball” and “bubble” so she was having a blast seeing all the balls and bubbles inside the house!

What are your favorite rainy day activities?

Stay dry out there and take care!


L, M, & R