Homemade “Cold Medicine”


Monday night, Rue woke up with congestion and a mild fever. We did our usual Nose Frida/essential oil/breast milk regimen (listed below), but she started coughing and sneezing a little bit, so I had to break out the big guns to help the cold pass quickly.

Now that she’s older, I’m not super concerned about her getting sick because I know it does build her immune system, but I didn’t want her to be contagious for two weeks, so I went to the store to look at natural cough medicine options. The best one I could find claimed it was just honey, vitamin C, and zinc.

I instantly thought of the gorgeous jar of honey my mom brought me from my great aunt’s backyard in Kentucky, so I opted to buy a bag of organic oranges and some toddler multivitamins and decided to just make her some medicine instead.

This cold medicine is a great way to keep your kids hydrated when they are sick and not wanting to eat and drink much. It tastes so good it will put a smile on their face even when they feel like crud.

While not a cure-all, vitamin C has been found to help shorten the duration of the common cold if taken in high doses at its onset, and warm honey lemon water can aid in breaking up congestion.

Honey “is one of the oldest traditional medicines considered to be important in the treatment of several human ailments” due to it’s natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. -US National Library of Medicine

So in addition to giving her 1/4 teaspoon of raw honey twice a day to help coat her throat and ease the coughing, I made her a warm cup of honey lemon tea with freshly squeezed orange juice to help break up the congestion and boost her immune system.

She loved it! It was so yummy, Marty and I couldn’t resist having a glass ourselves!

I’m happy to say that even though she still has some coughing, she’s sleeping great at night, the mucus has broken up nicely, and she has been in great spirits since Wednesday. All without a drop of over the counter meds.



2 oz. warm filtered water
1 t local raw honey
1 t freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 organic naval orange, juiced


1.) Mix honey and lemon juice in warm water.
2.) Mix in freshly squeezed orange juice and serve immediately.

NOTE: Honey is not recommended for children under the age of 12 months due to the risk of botulism.  


~Apply oregano essential oil on the bottoms of feet
~Apply an immune boosting blend of essential oils on the spine (a blend of cinnamon, clove, orange, rosemary, etc.)
~Apply a respiratory blend of essential oils on the chest and back (a blend of eucalyptus, laurel, and peppermint, etc.)
~Suction mucus with Nose Frida as often as possible (very hard to do these days now that she’s mobile and hates it)
~Put a couple drops of pumped breast milk in each nostril as often as possible (also very hard to do these days)
~Diffuse immune boosting & respiratory essential oils all day long

I hope you try this “medicine” for yourself or your babies now that cold season is approaching and please check back to see what I do with the dozen orange peels I have!

Take care.


L, M, & R


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