Pantry Project: Dried Cranberries

These are one of Rue’s favorite snacks. I mix them with nuts and seeds when we’re on the go and she goes crazy for them.

Homemade craisins with pumpkin & sunflower seeds – a perfect on-the-go snack full of vitmains and antioxidants!

Since cranberries are in season, I wanted to try my hand at making craisins at home. I’m so surprised by how easy it was and can’t believe I haven’t done it before!

This is a great way to preserve seasonal fruit or use up fruit that is turning bad.

Apples, pears, and pomegranates would make a nice little fall snack. Paired with some roasted nuts and your favorite cheese?

Yes, please!

For this recipe, I used one bag of organic cranberries and 1/4 cup of local honey, but coconut sugar or maple syrup would be nice too.

I hope you try them!


Ta da! They look and taste like the store bought stuff! Except for that delicious coating of amazing local honey you won’t get anywhere else.