Quick Tips to Ditch the Plastic

If you’re serious about ditching plastic to cut down your family’s exposure to harmful hormone unbalancing toxins, the easiest way to start is to raid your house of all the plastic dishes, tupperware, ziplock baggies, cling wrap, etc.

I had to do the same for paper towels in our house because if we saw them, we would just automatically use them over the cloth towels. Habits can be hard to break at first!


Tip #2: Recycled glass jars. Start buying food in glass instead of plastic or cans and reuse the jars for food storage.


I use anything from wine bottles to hot sauce jars to store my homemade vinegar and the rest of the jars are great for leftovers, cut vegetables, herbs, and on the go lunches and snacks.


Tip #3: If you run out of glass jars to use, put leftovers or refrigerated items in a bowl and cover it with a plate.

Cut stir fry veggies ready to cook on the left and half a head of purple cabbage on the right.


We have several items in the fridge like this and I’ve never had an issue with spoilage. I once kept a peeled apple in an old pickle jar for a week and it barely oxidated.

Glass jars and ceramic bowls are especially great for fresh vegetables, soft cheeses, fruit, cooked dishes, leftover oatmeal, etc.

Stainless steel is good for non acidic foods, hard cheeses, and produce you’re going to use right away. Like the stir fry ingredients and left over cabbage I have stored in the bowls above.

Yay for free storage containers!
Have you started your plastic free journey yet? If so, how’s it going for you? What does your fridge look like?




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