18 Months in 18 Words

Baby Rue, Darling Dear, My Sweet Girl:

You have made it to another mile marker in your young life. You are officially one and a half. To celebrate, I wanted to add a little note to your virtual baby book. Just a quick little something we can read to you when you’re older and want to know what you were like when you were a baby. Something you can look back on when your first baby is this age and you want to know if she’s anything like you.

In 18 words, at one and a half, you are:


When you’re ready to be a mother, you’ll probably wonder how you were as a child.

Let me tell you my dear, you are one smart cookie. You can communicate your needs and wants so well with us and you understand what we say. You can identify all sorts of animals, you can say your body parts, you know how to take care of your baby dolls, feed our puppies, and help mommy cook and clean.

The other day when Grandma was here, you had Daddy change your new baby’s diaper with one of the diapers she bought you. After that, you walked into the kitchen without anyone telling you, and put the “dirty” diaper in the trash. For someone who wears cloth diapers, you somehow knew these diapers were disposables and needed to go in the trash.

New subtle measures of growth like this happen everyday and each time I’m amazed by how quickly you pick up on things and how much you absorb everything that’s happening around you.

You are quite particular about certain things (like what clothes to put on your babies and which shoes you want to wear) and you know exactly what you want and how to get it. Usually, that’s with a bit of sass and a whole lot of strong will. Mommy and Daddy have a hard time saying no to you because it’s a good quality to have.

You put up a very strong fight this morning because you did not want to wear a dress for pictures. This same fight happens for diaper changes and bedtime on a daily basis, and it’s nearly impossible to say no to you when you want to play outside. So we do that a lot.

You are caring and loving. You love helping feed the real babies at daycare and you take amazing care of your baby dolls at home. I love watching you feed, bathe, and shush them to sleep.

You still hate riding in the car and you don’t sleep worth a lick. You have a tendency to throw things and hit when you’re angry or frustrated, and you will only sit still for 5 minutes at a time. You love Mommy’s milk, bath time, watching Brother Bear on repeat, and reading books on the potty.

You’re a typical toddler in every way, but you’re unique all the same. We have had such fun watching you grow these past six months and we can’t wait to see how you develop in the next six!

Happy second half birthday little girl. We love you!

Mommy & Daddy