DIY on a Dime

When we bought this old farmhouse, the entire living space was carpeted. Like, walk in the front door…boom! Carpet.

So we knew we wanted to redesign this space but we were told the original flooring was concrete so they put carpet down on top of it.

My husband had to see for himself so he started ripping up the carpet and we were happy to find that a lot of the floors are actually wood!

Unfortunately, the living room was only half wood. The other half was plywood so we weren’t able to rip up all of the carpet. The wood that was there needed a lot of work. The contractors who redid this house before we bought it spray painted all of the trim, so the floors had ivory spray paint all over them. In addition to that, there were tons of nail holes, glue, and wear and tear.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to rent a floor sander and a few days stripping the floors and refinishing them, we decided to take a cheaper, more unconventional route and paint them.

Paint. Yes. We painted our wood floors. And we love it! It has brought so much more light into the room. It’s amazing.

It only costed $85 and we did it in one night. My kinda project.

We removed all the carpet tacks, took a palm sander to the really rough parts, painted it (3 coats of antique white paint + primer) and put down new quarter round and floor transitions.

This naturally broke up the room into two separate spaces which I really like.


Marty made the coffee table and end table in the seating area using crates we found at antique shops. Custom hand made pieces like this normally cost $200-400 each. We made them for half that.

We bought a vintage mantle to create a focal point and space saving TV stand for only $100.

The leather trunk ottoman from Kohl’s was originally $200 but ended up being free after discounts and gift cards! We love that it serves as a coffee table for the chairs around the mantle as well as storage.

The chairs were both from HomeGoods. We got them marked down to $100 each because of a few tiny stains we had to steam clean.

So that entire focal point only actually costed us $300 out of pocket!

The cotton duck slipcovers are from Bed Bath & Beyond. We paid more for them than we wanted to, but Target didn’t have a matching cover for the love seat so we had to go somewhere else. (These would be easy to shop for online if you want to save money. and Target have the nicest ones in my opinion.)

The pillows. OMG. We looked at 5 stores for pillows. Nice throw pillows are usually $20-30 each! We found these sets at TJ Maxx for $20. So for the couch covers, pillows, and throw blanket, we were able to tie in this whole new look for less than $300. I just absolutely love how bright and inviting it is.

In the entryway, we put two wooden chairs we got for $25 each at an antique shop. We painted and antiqued them with the same paint we used for the floor. The table in between was given to us by a family member. We sanded it down, stained the shelves and drawers, and painted the legs to make it match our style.


We found these fun accent pillows at a local antique shop and finished the entry way with a “console table” made from a 1940’s wooden ironing board. We finally got to incorporate some of our wedding decor in the house and we used an old door from the attic to cover the largely unattractive heater vent and thermostat that is on that south facing wall.


The next thing we’re going to do is cut a cased opening into the wall that leads to the kitchen and build a bar to unite the two spaces.

So by repurposing some stuff we already had and turning our antique shop finds into one of a kind pieces, we were able to do this whole room for just under $1,000!

It’s so exciting seeing our dreams come true! I love the instant gratification of doing it yourself. Do you DIY?

Let’s see some of your before and afters!!!


L, M, & R