Pantry Project: Make Your Own Vinegar From Apple Cores

This post is for my dear friend Meme. She insisted I start incorporating videos into the blog (even though I hate being on camera), so here is a quick video on how I use apple cores to make vinegar.

I started making vinegar at home from apple cores this summer when I found the Zero Waste Chef’s blog. She has some amazing tips for cutting down waste in the kitchen and using food scraps to make something out of nothing, so go check out her blog. This is my absolute favorite tip of hers.

We use vinegar for EVERYTHING. So to be able to make it at home from something that would otherwise be trash, is a brilliant way to save money.

I found the Zero Waste Chef’s recipe created a lighter vinegar than I needed so I basically made a concentrated version. I can get a very robust, delicious apple cider vinegar in just 4-6 weeks using three ingredients.





6 organic apple cores
2 T white sugar
~1 qt. filtered water


1.) Put six apple cores and 2 T sugar in a quart jar.
2.) Cover with water and mix.
3.) Cover with a breathable tea towel.
4.) Secure with a band and let ferment in a cool dark place until reaches desired taste (4-6 weeks).
5.) Strain and compost apple cores.
6.) Store homemade vinegar in an old jar and use as needed.

Great in salad dressings, soups, sauces, or as an all purpose cleaner, hair rinse, fabric softener, facial toner, etc.

Basically, anything you would use store bought vinegar for, you can use your homemade vinegar for! I’m always amazed at how wonderful this vinegar tastes and smells after 4-6 weeks of fermenting in a cupboard. It’s magical!!

How do you use vinegar at home?

Happy fermenting!


Kanga ‘n Rue