Vegetables That Actually Regrow in Water

 You’ve probably seen this post or one like it about regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps.

I’m here to report that it actually works! I’ve had great succees doing this with scallions, celery, and Napa cabbage. 

They all last a few months just in water on the counter. 

Just clip with scissors and change the water when it starts to get green and slimy. 

Once the roots of the vegetables get too long for the jars, transplant into a pot of organic soil and keep in a sunny window for year round garnishes! 

I really want to try garlic and carrot tops next! 

I did not have success with Romaine lettuce the few times I tried. It turned brown before it started to regrow, and just shot right up into one long stalk of plant when I transplanted it in soil. So I’ve given up on that. 

Which of these vegetables have you tried to regrow? Did they work for you?  

Gotta love the Internet! Am I right?!?!