Adventures in Organic Gardening 

OMG. I started planting two weeks ago and we’re finally almost done for a while! All I have left to do is plant carrots and peas and then broccoli rabe, eggplant, and butternut squash once the spring crops are harvested. And build trellises for the zucchini, cucumbers, and peas.

I can’t wait to see how much money we save on our grocery bill!

So far our tomatoes, zucchini, and the cucumbers we found growing in the compost are doing great. The potatoes, scallions, garlic, onions, purple kale, cabbage, and zinnias are all sprouting nicely!

Our herbs need a little love and the cucumber seedlings had to be reseeded. They did not take well to being transplanted.

I’ve already had to weed three times and I’m not looking forward to more weeding at all. But I’m trying to stay on top of it so it’s relatively easy every time.

Other than that, I’m so happy I could burst. I can’t wait to share an “after” pic once it’s in full swing.

For now I’ll just sit on the porch and watch the rain storm with a glass of wine. 😜

What are you planting in your garden this year?!