Rue Turns Two!


We’re celebrating baby girl’s birthday all week because she turns 2 this Saturday! I told the family that her birthday wouldn’t fall on a Saturday again for another 7 years, so this year would be the year to come to Tennessee for a birthday weekend, and they are!

I can’t friggin’ wait until they’re all here to party with us and see how cute and funny this little human is right now.

In the past year, she has completely grown into her own person. She’s outgoing, sweet, energetic, friendly, and smart. I love the way she goes up to every table at whatever restaurant we’re at and says hello to everyone and tries to hug all the kids at the park. I love how every day she gets dozens of “ouchie boo-boos” that need kissing and how she adores anything that is “cute and tiny.”

She fiercely loves her daddy and cries when he leaves for work. But thanks to Daniel Tiger, she knows that “grownups come back.”

She’s going to a daycare/preschool once a week when I work and while her teachers report that she does very well and is “a very sweet girl,” she still cries every time I drop her off. It breaks my heart, but I know she loves playing with her friends and she learns a lot.

She can now put three to four words together to form sentences, and she pretty much narrates everything that’s happening at all times.

“Reggie pee-pee, poo-poo outside.”

“Rue eat egg and toast.”

“Dada come back work.”

“Mama boo-boo head. Bandaid.” (Kisses boo-boo). “Bye bye boo-boo.”

“Bye bye car play park.”

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Every color is either pink or blue (her favorites), every thing is “mine” and every stranger is our friend.

She is obsessed with her dogs (and every other dog on earth for that matter). She loves covering Reggie with blankets and treating him like she treats her babies. Which she also loves dearly.

She is a great eater. Her favorite foods are rice, soup, pasta, eggs and toast, chicken, bacon, nuts, fruit, chips, and chocolate. Her favorite vegetables are broccoli, cucumbers, mushrooms, and carrots and her favorite fruits are strawberries, grapes, and apples.

She has absolutely no fear. She will run up to the biggest dog and give it a hug and slide down the tallest slide. She even went on a carnival ride twice this weekend all by herself!

She loves animals and wants all of them to sit on her lap. She had a major melt down the other day when a dove walking down the street wouldn’t sit on her lap.

She loves going to the park and playing outside. She will collect sticks, rocks and flowers and play in the mud, puddles, and sand all day.

She still doesn’t care much for her toys, but she loves to read books, color, and sing nursery rhymes. She’s back to liking bath time but she still hates diaper changes. Thank goodness she likes going potty!


She’s finally getting good at tidying up her toys and she does great in the car now (if it’s less than a 30 minute ride and she has snacks and a show to watch). She loves singing and dancing along to music in the car and every time she sings the lyrics properly, I’m absolutely amazed.

It’s been so fun watching her grow this past year and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store!

To my sweet little Baby Rue, if you’re reading this when you’re older, you are the joy of my life. Thank you so much for coming into our world and turning it completely upside down (for the better). Even on days when I feel like I need space from you, I don’t know what to do without you by my side. You are my other half – a better extension of me – and you and your daddy absolutely complete me.

I love you to the moon and back moo-moo. My chunky stinky butt girl. My little love bug.

Stay true to yourself and find happiness in everything you do. You are a beautiful soul and I know you will do great things in life.

I love you.