Immune Boosting Spice Blend


I am so excited to announce that we have launched an Etsy Shop where we will sell a variety of handmade organic natural living products that are safe for the whole family!

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Mom Hack Monday: Natural Pink Eye Remedy

Rue woke up with her left eye completely crusted shut. It was red and inflamed and she kept rubbing it so I knew there was an infection.

Immediately, papa Rodriguez was freaking out, but I knew we could treat it if we acted fast. Tea tree and lavender are the two essential oils I always grab when there’s any kind of infection, cut, scrape, or burn because of their natural antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties.

We’re all out of tea tree right now but we never go without lavender and since it’s one of the most gentle oils, that’s what we used.

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Meals 4 Health and Healing in Edible Nashville! 


Photo: Edible Nashville

I am beyond proud and absolutely humbled to have a few of my recipes featured in the latest edition of Edible Nashville, a local slow food publication.


Photo: Edible Nashville

Seeing the smiling faces of our extremely hard working volunteers and staff in print brings me such happiness.


Photo: Edible Nashville

Please read the article, try the recipes at home, and share on social media!

Meals 4 Health and Healing delivers organic immune boosting meals to cancer patients in Nashville and relies solely on individual donations so the more we spread our message, the more families we can serve!

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Pantry Project: Make Your Own Kombucha at Home for Pennies!

Disclaimer: If you like my recipe, click the links below and I’ll get a little dough. (When you click on the affiliate links below, I will receive an itty bitty commission from

Mmmmm…Kombucha. Kombucha is fermented tea. It tastes sweet and sour and if you do a second fermentation in the bottle, it can be bubbly – making it a fantastic alternative for soda. You can find kombucha in almost every grocery and health food store towards the end of the produce aisle in the refrigerated section near the vegan section.

If you want to try kombucha before you make it at home, this is my favorite brand and flavor. If you’re going to buy a bottle to start your first batch of kombucha at home, please buy the original unflavored version. 

Raw kombucha (like the kind you’ll make at home) contains naturally occuring probiotics, vitamin B, and antioxidants so it can boost the good bacteria in your gut, your immunity, and help to detox the body.

Despite these health benefits, it’s hard to justify spending $4/bottle at the grocery store when it is made from such simple ingredients.

We’ve been making Kombucha at home since September and ever since that first batch, I have been hooked. Hooked on how delicious, affordable, and easy to make it is!

You basically make sweet tea, cool it down, and add it to a big jar with a SCOBY and a couple cups of already made kombucha to ferment. It’s great on its own, or with fresh fruit and ginger added in, or in cocktails and salad dressings.

Rue loves it so much! She thinks it’s juice and kept popping off while nursing this morning to gracefully ask for some.


See? Very graceful.


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Homemade “Cold Medicine”


Monday night, Rue woke up with congestion and a mild fever. We did our usual Nose Frida/essential oil/breast milk regimen (listed below), but she started coughing and sneezing a little bit, so I had to break out the big guns to help the cold pass quickly.

Now that she’s older, I’m not super concerned about her getting sick because I know it does build her immune system, but I didn’t want her to be contagious for two weeks, so I went to the store to look at natural cough medicine options. The best one I could find claimed it was just honey, vitamin C, and zinc.

I instantly thought of the gorgeous jar of honey my mom brought me from my great aunt’s backyard in Kentucky, so I opted to buy a bag of organic oranges and some toddler multivitamins and decided to just make her some medicine instead.
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DIY Squeezable Bug Repellent Cream


SUMMER = BUGS. Period. End of sentence.

We absolutely love being outside. It’s one of the reasons we moved to a warmer climate, but we had no idea hanging out in the back yard meant we’d be engaging in combat against dozens of different species of bugs every single day.

Last summer, in an attempt to find a natural bug repellent to protect my then 2 month old baby from these vicious insects, I started using a blend of essential oils in a homemade bug spray. It worked okay but needed to be reapplied often. Determined to come up with a better, longer lasting solution, I made a squeezable version of my body butter recipe using essential oils known to repel bugs, and it has worked wonders for us!

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Amber Teething Necklaces

Rue is teething hard core right now. She’s been teething since eight weeks so we bought her an amber teething necklace right before we moved to Nashville.

Rue's honey colored amber teething necklace

It’s supposed to have natural pain relieving powers when warmed by your body temperature and worn close to the source of the pain.

It’s said it’s the succinic, “a natural pain reliever, anti-inflammitory, and a central nervous system calmer” in the Baltic amber that makes it so magical.

I wasn’t sure it was working until I took it off of her to recharge it in the sun yesterday.

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