Between the Pine Trees

Just taking a quick break from gardening to write this because as I was just standing in between the pine trees, collecting falling needles, I realized how absolutely grateful I am for this little plot of land we bought almost a year ago. 

I’m using the pine needles as mulch in the garden and just being able to live sustainably and be resourceful in this way brings me so much joy. 

The simple fact that we have pine trees to gather fallen needles from makes my heart swell with gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings we have. Some people don’t even have trees in their yard and we have over a dozen different kids! 

I feel so much more connected to the land since buying this house.

From waking up to the roosters crowing to napping in the hammock while listening to the birds and crickets chirp. From saving rain water, to collecting pine needles. Gardening barefoot to picking dandelions. 

I’ve discovered a new, deeper, more meaningful appreciation for the earth. And it’s all because of this little old farmhouse. 

What are you thankful for in this moment? Please share with a comment below! 




Rue Turns Two!


We’re celebrating baby girl’s birthday all week because she turns 2 this Saturday! I told the family that her birthday wouldn’t fall on a Saturday again for another 7 years, so this year would be the year to come to Tennessee for a birthday weekend, and they are!

I can’t friggin’ wait until they’re all here to party with us and see how cute and funny this little human is right now.

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18 Months in 18 Words

Baby Rue, Darling Dear, My Sweet Girl:

You have made it to another mile marker in your young life. You are officially one and a half. To celebrate, I wanted to add a little note to your virtual baby book. Just a quick little something we can read to you when you’re older and want to know what you were like when you were a baby. Something you can look back on when your first baby is this age and you want to know if she’s anything like you.

In 18 words, at one and a half, you are:

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Time Capsule 12.19.14

Rue has never liked cuddling. She had severe acid reflux as a newborn, and never liked to be held chest to chest. I think it put too much pressure on her tummy.

In the last couple of weeks, her acid reflux has almost disappeared entirely.

With that, she has started hugging us, and lying on our chest to love on us.

I want to burst open every time she does it. It’s just so sweet!

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Ever feel like your pump is talking to you?!

When Rue was in the NICU, my pump always sounded like it was saying “puuuump it…puuuump it…puuuump it…”

It’s 3:30 am and I’m pumping because Rue hasn’t gotten up to nurse in a few hours. We’re working on transitioning her to her crib as gently as possible and I guess it’s starting to work because she has only been up twice tonight!

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Time Capsule 12.7.14

I woke up feeling “pretty” and that doesn’t happen very often as a mom, but Ruby slept in her own room all night two nights in a row and I’ve been able to rest! It’s amazing what a couple nights of good sleep can do for your skin! (Hence, the selfie.)

I had a dream last night that I had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember who my daughter was. I have a very, very bad memory as it is so getting Alzheimer’s has always been a fear of mine.

So I figured I’d start a little “Time Capsule” series for those special little moments in life that you just want to bottle up and save for later. Like this morning.

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