Rue Turns Two!


We’re celebrating baby girl’s birthday all week because she turns 2 this Saturday! I told the family that her birthday wouldn’t fall on a Saturday again for another 7 years, so this year would be the year to come to Tennessee for a birthday weekend, and they are!

I can’t friggin’ wait until they’re all here to party with us and see how cute and funny this little human is right now.

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Terrible Twos with a High Needs Child 

Parenting for me this past year and a half has been an even split of the following thoughts:

“Oh my god will you please stop crying and play with your toys for five minutes?!”



“OMG you’re so cute. Come here. Let me squeeze you and see what comes out.”


Rue was very high needs as a baby. It wasn’t until she started walking and taking an interest in her toys that we got any relief from her constant need to be held. And once she learned baby sign language, her ability to communicate replaced some of the incessant crying. Which was awesome!

Now we’ve just entered this “Terrible Twos” phase and she’s almost done a complete 360. She constantly wants to be held, wants nothing to do with Daddy, and cries instead of communicating. It’s absolutely bizarre. And I want it to stop.


The first 15 months of Rue’s life, I often had to work at enjoying her company because she was just so needy. I resisted the urge to classify her as “high needs” those first 11 months because I know all kids are needy. 

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18 Months in 18 Words

Baby Rue, Darling Dear, My Sweet Girl:

You have made it to another mile marker in your young life. You are officially one and a half. To celebrate, I wanted to add a little note to your virtual baby book. Just a quick little something we can read to you when you’re older and want to know what you were like when you were a baby. Something you can look back on when your first baby is this age and you want to know if she’s anything like you.

In 18 words, at one and a half, you are:

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Birth Days 

I’m sure every year around this time, for the rest of my life, I will reflect on and relive the birth of our daughter. This year in particular, it’s all I’ve been able to think about in the last month as we approach her first birthday tomorrow. Before I had a child of my own, I never understood the big deal behind first birthdays. “They’ll never remember it”, I said.

While it’s true that baby won’t remember her first birthday, it’s nice to celebrate this major milestone in her life so she’ll have pictures to see and stories to hear until she can make her own birthday memories.

It’s also a celebration for us as parents. A congratulatory pat on our own backs to celebrate the fact that we kept a human being alive for 12 months and she’s actually thriving! Woo hoo!

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Time Capsule 12.19.14

Rue has never liked cuddling. She had severe acid reflux as a newborn, and never liked to be held chest to chest. I think it put too much pressure on her tummy.

In the last couple of weeks, her acid reflux has almost disappeared entirely.

With that, she has started hugging us, and lying on our chest to love on us.

I want to burst open every time she does it. It’s just so sweet!

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LMR is Four Months Today! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Four Months!

“Moms love taking pictures of their babies.” Marty said to me yesterday while scrolling through Facebook.

Duh! How could you not?!

It’s such a miraculous thing watching these tiny humans grow. Especially when they start showing their personality. It’s like each day they do something cuter than the last. Having a smart phone makes it incredibly easy to capture each tiny little cute moment of their lives, and I’m not embarrassed to say I’m one of those moms who does.

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